Omiš, a small and unique Dalmatia

Omiš is about 20 kilometers away from Split and lies in the heart of Dalmatia, which also shaped its character. Until recently, Omiš was known only as a place for a day trip, but eventually with its incredible beauty it managed to find its place under the sun of Croatia as a unique destination.

Omiš is a small town in the Split-Dalmatia region and is located on the Adriatic coast. The first written sources tell us that the city was founded in ancient times. It is located at the very mouth of the river Cetina into the Adriatic Sea, where the drama of the landscape is emphasized by the rough and sharp cliffs of the mountains in the background.

The most important symbol of the city are the rocks that rise above the city which in the past, at least so the story goes, helped to keep pirates and other sailors isolated and protected from storms and investigations, for that reason Omiš has long been their main refuge. Today’s Omiš simply poured out of the rocks and extended to the shallow cape created by the river Cetina.

Many cultural and historical sites can be seen in this relatively small area. There are many churches from the 10th and 18th centuries, but there are also many monuments, forts and museums. The ancient Roman cities of Split and Salona are only a half hour drive from Omis, and the beautiful islands of central Dalmatia are within easy reach. It should be noted that there are popular summer festivals and other events that attract a lot of people.

Picturesque Omiš is a popular destination for active holidays, as rafting on the Cetina, free climbing, paragliding, diving, sailing. Long sandy beaches that stretch along the coast are excellent choice for family-active holidays. The town is surrounded by small fishing villages, where you can feel the real Dalmatian life, so it is really a pleasure to visit and enjoy at least for a day trip.