Vlašić, the pride of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This mountain range is located in the region but is quite unknown to most tourists. If you need a holiday and would love to enjoy in the most beautiful nature, Vlašič is definitely the best choice, as it leaves no one indifferent.

The Vlašić Mountains are located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The altitude of this mountain massif is 1,943 meters, with the highest peak called Paljenik. The Vlašić plateau is 1300 meters high and represents an important crossroad of busy roads. In addition, it is known as a center of winter and summer tourism.

It was named after the nomadic population of the Vlachs, who in ancient times found their place here under the sun. The locals like to say that the mountain is extremely kind and friendly to guests. In the summer months, mountaineers and four-wheelers can be seen on the peaks and slopes of Vlašić. In winter, it is an area of alpine and Nordic skiing, night skiing, as well as sledding.

It is the second largest mountain range in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Mediterranean and continental climates meet. Precisely because of this, the nature here is incredibly beautiful and quite untouched, which is why Vlašić has the status of a climatic health resort.

Vlašić is 28 kilometres away from Travnik and is connected by roads that are always passable, even when winters are harsh and conditions are the most difficult. This destination is great for tourists of all ages and interests, but it is also appropriate for business people who can find their peace.